Collection: Silver-Series

Kasho Silver Video introduction

Kasho Silver Series was introduced in 2013 to celebrate 30 years of Kasho Scissors production. These scissors will meet all the requirements of stylists who need the right tools for comfortable and creative work. They are elegant and ergonomically offset in design, with sleek, mirror polished blades. The flat tension screw has a key for fine tuning. The overall result is an elegant pair of scissors with exceptional handling. NEW! THREE STRAIGHT OPTIONS! 2013 sees the introduction of three Straight options; with double camel back for extreme comfort, and double finger rests for easier turning, greater flexibility and control. Available in 5.0", 5.5", and 6.0" lengths Kasho Brand Ambassador STEVEN SMART uses KSI 60 offset scissors. He says: "The Kasho Silver Series Range is one of the most versatile scissors I have ever used. They are light weight, perfectly balanced and have an ultra sharp cutting edge. Just three of the things that stand out most about the Silvers. An excellent scissor for the small hand, through to my big sausage fingers! The Silvers are ideal for precision cutting, slicing and adding texture. They feel very comfortable to work with and those stylists that may be used to a 5.5 scissor or smaller will feel confident using a longer blade when they try the Silver Series. Beautiful design, balance, weight, and performance all point towards the Silver Series being an essential scissor to own."