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Kasho Silver Series Black

Kasho Silver Series Black

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Hand finished and laser numbered, a unique and limited edition KASHO

Silver Blacks with Diamond Like Carbon coating meets the requirements
of hair stylists who need the “right” tools .

The ratchet flat screw system allows fine tuning of the scissor
tension. The Silver Series Black come in ergonomically designed offset
models with camel back and a detachable finger rest for ultimate comfort
and control.

The DLC coating (Diamond Like Carbon) creates an additional protective
barrier around the scissor, making it extremely wearing. The DLC also
protects from any bacteria, all whilst creating an unbelievably smooth
cutting experience.SILVER SERIES BLACK (OFFSET) The Kasho Silver range is hand designed to give discerning hair stylists the ultimate cutting experience. Ergonomically designed with camel back and detachable finger rest. Three lengths of Silver Series Offset Black available - 5.5", 6.0", and 6.5"

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