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Mizutani Mizutani Scissors MIZUTANI Acro Knife


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MIZUTANI Acro Knife Matt


The MIZUTANI Acro Knife Matt comes in two sizes and is a hand made Japanese scissor produced to high specifications.

Offset comfort fit. Carbon resin bearing and semi flat tension mechanism. Flat screw and finger rest. Cobalt molybdenum steel 

Mizutani Acro Knife has a patented High Molybdenum Cobalt Alloy Steel design and convex edge to its cutting blades.

Acro Knife matt finish is designed to remain corrosion and scratch resistant.

The design of the lower blade is the same as a diver's knife -  these KNIFE scissors have powerful blades designed for the heavy-duty use and are perfect for cutting techniques requiring a big section of hair to be removed in one cut. Amazing power from the Mizutani Acro Knife. The Knife’s blades excel in slide, wet and dry cutting and handle is designed with the unique Mizutani “Spoon Shape” for ergonomic hold and feel. Feel is king and as a stylist Using a Mizutani Knife you have a tool to cut reliably and with control.




Available in 5.8 and 6.3

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