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Design Doo Blunt

Design Doo Blunt

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Swarovski jewelled Blunt Scissors- 5.25- 5.75inch (Blue or Orange) LENGTH –160mm (5.25INCH), 170mm (5.75INCH) BLADE LENGTH-65mm(5.25INCH), 72mm(5.75INCH) HANDLE LENGTH-70mm(5.25INCH), 71mm(5.75INCH) WEIGHT – 47g (5.25INCH) 51g(5.75INCH) THUMB FINGER GRIP –18*24 RING FINGER GRIP –18*22 HANDLE-semi-off set BLADE TYPE –straight +straight BLADE SHAPE-Hill convex Base Material: SUPER COBALT ATS-314 (Hitachi Japanese steel) Swarovski jewelry Swarovski blunt-scissors with straight lines provide very clean and soft cutting. The natural hair prevent function and dispose function under pivot screw enables to avoid the spontaneous twist of the scissors and helps to reduce cleanings which came out the small hair residue This specially designed the finest professional shears has holes on the side of handles which help to reduce the weight of the scissor enormously. The unique feature also enhances the relaxation of wearing that contributes prevention of stiff fingers and shoulders due to long term use. Key Features and/or Benefits Consideration of usage and security for hairdresser Designdoo Jewel Collection is designed with a purpose to minimize fatigue or repetitive strain caused by continual hair cutting. By analyzing thoroughly the cutting pattern which is used the most repeatedly by hairstylists The parts, a grip of scissor's handle in contact with the finger are designed concisely and ergonomically to enable various angles and cut according to the way of procedure. The scissor blades are designed with simple and straight lines for presenting an edge line. The front pivot screw's V-furrow design blocks contaminants from gathering around the screw and maintains the scissor's smooth opening and closing. The scissors color conjures the impression of powerful modernism and the jeweled screw and form add brilliant luster. Process with clay epoxy Generally, when you decorate scissors with jewelry, using typical glue, the scissors size will not only become unwieldy but also the jewels can be separated if they are wet. As for a solution for the above, we apply clay epoxy, which is lighter than steel, to engraved concave grooves, that the jewels are inserted with this way, the scissors original size can be remained with water resistant. The reason for applying clay epoxy onto surface is for customers to change overall colors at any time and at reasonable price. Glass-jewel decoration which is often used for luxurious necklaces or rings, can be applied onto the scissors' surface so you do not need to purchase new ones regularly. Compared to the usual scissor durability of 3-5 years, ours is a very generous 20 years with much more reasonable price

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