Collection: kasho-xp-series

Kasho XP series are newly added and offer the brilliant features of the Green Series but have the disc operation system of the Millenium series. They are hand forged using tarnish resistant steel alloy which increases its resistance to wear and tear and proves to be a longer lasting cutting edge. The XP series are designed to be ergonomic and are more of an inbetween a full Semi Offset and a semi semi offset to give even more comfort to the user. Offset position is a matter of taste to each hairdresser. The Kasho XP series has various sizes 5.3", 5.8" and 6.3". Adrian Leonard , and Kasho Ambassador is owner and Creative Director Forresters hairdressing in Abingdon UK. As Creative Director at Forresters, Adrian is a huge advocate of translating catwalk trends into workable creative cutting techniques and uses his Kasho XP scissors in the salon every day. He has passion and energy and is very motivating to both the team at Forresters and those hairdressers he educates in the UK and Internationally and recommends the Kasho brand to all hairdressers of every level.