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Kasho DLC

Kasho DLC

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There's other scissor brands ...  So what makes Kasho  DLC so special?

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) is next level, it gives an additional layer of protection, whilst creating an even smoother cutting experience. A skin so strong, it protects the blades like nothing else... it also looks incredible!

The KASHO DLC  SlideCut reproduces an incomparable cutting movement: A simultaneous pulling and cutting is combined with the until now rigid closing principle of scissors. Guided by a special micro ball bearing system, the scissors move as if on rails during the cutting process. With this effective design, the upper blade moves forward during opening and retracts to its original position during closing, which gives the closing process a real cutting experience. The result is fatigue-free work and a particularly precise and sharp cut, even on dry hair. 

By this, the operating principle of the KASHO SlideCut differs from conventional scissors, where the hair is only cut by the blades sliding past each other during the closing process. 

The joint with the micro ball bearing provides a large contact surface for the blades and allows the scissors to run even more precisely. This results in the advantage of smooth cutting performance without manual pressure: Even with incorrect pressure, which can occur with some cutting techniques, the pressure on the cutting edges is not affected. 

The ergonomic SlideCut is manufactured in 6.5‘‘, as this size optimally supports the special cutting movement and thus makes the best use of the quality advantages while cutting. The used SG2 steel, a powder metallurgical sintered steel, has a constant material hardness of 61-62 HRC to the core. This steel has been used for many years in KASHO´s Millennium series models and has proven its incomparable cutting results. The material gives the SlideCut its maximum hardness and durability, which ideally rounds off the innovative technology of this precision masterpiece. 

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