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Kamisori Frost Damascus

Kamisori Frost Damascus

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One of the best developed steels for sword-making in history of warfare was the Damascus. While it is believed to have originated in Syria, the Damascus steel system was used extensively in Japan for the legendary Samurai sword. Today, professional hair stylists do not go into battle with swords, but they do need exquisite steel that is flexible, hard, sharp and durable. Kamisori's Damascus shears are manufactured one by one by the most respected Crafted by Japanese bladesmiths with a tradition steeped in the finest craftsmanship passed from one generation to the next. Our Damascus steel is unlike any other and is composed of 12 to 16 premium metals carefully layered together through a very sophisticated process. These layers can be seen by the cloud patterns on the shears’ surface. These highest graded "7-star shears" are world renowned as the finest and are used by famous platform hair artists all over the world. If you are a stylist fortunate enough to own a pair, you will fall in love at first cut!
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